Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grannie's gone groovy

Well actually, Grannie ended up being french!  Who knew?

I purchased two end tables a while back and kept putting off
 painting them.  Honestly,  I didn't think they were going to look as
cute as I had envisioned them when I first bought them.

My original plan was to give them a really slick, updated look...groovy.  
But as I worked on them I didn't get the groovy vibe any more.  

It seemed they really wanted to make a trip to France...

(Sorry, but I've gotten really bad lately at taking before pictures...
so here come the afters...)

ASCP in Old White and Graphite

I'm sure many of you remember having tables similar to this in
your homes growing up or at your grannie's house. 

After painting them in Old White and Graphite,
 I decided to add a cute little french stencil on both of them.  

Stencil on Grannie #1

Stencil on Grannie #2
I didn't feel  that the usual brown wax would complete the 
look I was going for at this point.  So, I mixed together a little 
Paris Gray wax to add some color, texture and aging.  

Finished the look with some cute knobs.

I'm happy that I finally got around to painting these 
because they ended up being a lot of fun to paint. 
 Plus, I really love taking a piece of furniture that no one 
wants any more and transforming it into something fun!

Well, Grannie may not be groovy, but she certainly is enjoying 
her new french look!

I hope to have both Grannies at the Frisco Mercantile soon!

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